Class Act Theatre Arts and Community Trust was established in 2012.

We are is a community organisation that creates much needed services to tackle the high levels of disadvantage and deprivation in our community by developing a range of social activities, training opportunities, job clubs, ESOL lessons with free internet access and drop in surgeries from agencies such as Ward Councillors, Police, and health-related services.

Our centre is at the heart of a cluster of super output areas close to the centre of Grimsby. The area suffers from high levels of unemployment, low levels of educational achievement and a huge shortage of opportunities for employment and work experience. This is compounded by disadvantage resulting from high levels of deprivation which contributes to widespread social isolation, low self-esteem,a lack of confidence, poor standards of health and few positive future prospects. A shortage of quality and accessible places to address these issues limits community cohesion and opportunities for the community to have a voice and influence issues affecting their everyday lives. This further excludes our community and adversely impacts on quality of life.

We host a team of Community Organisers who work in the area as part of a national programme. Evidence collected by them shows there are few easily accessible opportunities in the area for training, personal development opportunities or access to advice and guidance needed to improve life and social skills. We rely extensively on their work to provide evidence of need for any of our projects.

Our project will address economic, emotional and physical health and well-being issues and provide opportunities to address vocational and life aspirations allowing progress to sustained employment.

Our unique approach to community engagement and delivery has seen a rapid growth and need for our services in our area.

We believe that there is one important word that sums everything we do and that is “Empowerment”.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”

Our” Unit 5” community project delivers this message every day.

We have undertaken an extensive community consultation programme to find out what the community actually want and worked with those people to help them achieve their goals and ambitions, you can find out more on our Unit 5 Page.

Please read through the website and find out more about our organisation.

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